Additional Spells

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Cleric Spells

Detect Disease (Cleric, Divination)

Level: 1

Components: V,S,M

Range: 12“

Casting Time: 1 round

Duration: 1 turn + 1/2 turn/level

Saving Throw: None

Area of Effect: 1” circle

Explanation/Description: This is a spell which reveals the presence of disease around the caster. The disease must have infected a humanoid creature to be detected. The caster will be able to know if is parasitic, bacterial or viral in nature, and may, through experience with various diseases, be able to know which disease it is. It requires the use of the cleric’s holy (or unholy) symbol as its material component, with the cleric holding it before him or her.

Magic-User Spells

Ignition (Magic-User, Alteration)

Level: 1

Components: V,S,M

Range: 5"

Casting Time: 1 segment

Duration: 2 rounds

Saving Throw: None

Effect: Sets subject/target alight

This spell sets a single subject on fire, causing 1-4 hit points of damage on the first round and an additional hit point of damage on the second; if used to ignite a target soaked in oil, the damage from the spell is doubled.

Utini's Messenger (Magic User, Alteration)

Level: 3

Components: S,M

Range: Touch

Casting Time: 1 segment

Duration: Special

Saving Throw: None

Effect: Two scrolls

Utini's Messenger allows a mage to create an enchanted scroll with a message on it. The mage casts the spell, then prepares the message scroll and a copy. The original scroll is burnt, activating the messenger. This completely consumes the scroll. The smoke from the burning taking the appearance of a wispy bird, which will take wing and fly to the nearest window or door, slipping through the cracks and off to deliver the message.

The wispy bird will deliver the scroll, which will appear whole and unburnt in the receiver's hands. To reply to the message, another mage writes a reply directly on the delivered scroll, using magical language and glyphs. The mage replying must then burn the scroll. The response appears on the scroll copy that is with the original caster immediately.