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The hamlet of Appleton is a small community of under 100 people located west of the Skalfier road. It is close to the Athenum. The farmers and growers who live there tend to the groves of apple trees around it.

The largest building is a ruined and rotting mansion, formerly owned by an ex-soldier named Sir Flinigan. Sir Flinigan died in the Fall of 56AD, after rescuing his imprisoned wife from the Athenum, with the help of a group of adventurers. The mansion was passed on to his ward, a boy named Tobias.


  • Marc and Ilya, and Claudia. Claudia is TAKASHI’s student
  • Enid – the house keeper of the Flinigan mansion
  • Harold and Jennings
  • Apsuna – lives at nearby ruins of Athenum, giant talking black bird