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There are three planes of existence:

  • Lexius
  • Chaosius
  • Etherius

Etherius is the stuff of life – it surrounds all planes and is made of opportunity and potential. It is from Etherius that the concepts of “law” (Lexius) and “chaos” (Chaosius) formed. It is not known why or how they formed. It is the “stuff” of Etherius that those skilled in the arcane use to make magic happen.

Etinerra The lands of which the Civilized, the Bestial, the creatures and natural things share. While it is know of the lands of Etinerra stretch from sea to sea, some heretical sages have whispered about the possibility of other lands across the vast oceans. Some believe the lands are a ball, some believe it is flat like a plate. Etinerra is said to be the place where Lexius and Chaosius meet and mix.

Lexius Law/Structure – this plane of existence is where the Lands are found. Laws of nature have taken hold and created life.

Chaosius Disorder/Wildness – this plane of existence is the opposite of Lexius. Some say that if one looks hard enough, they can find their mirror in Chaosius, although none have revealed this to be true. It is said that Demons and the Dark Ones come from Chaosius.

When a magick user casts a spell, they are weaving threads of Etherius into a “shape” of Lexius or Chaosius.