New Hope Settlement

From Chronicles of Etinerra
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In 54 AD, a group of farmers and adventurous sorts set out from Enonia to attempt to reclaim land in Valenia. Many in Enonia hoped that this would lead to the opening of new farmlands and perhaps prompt Marshal Roehm to take a stronger interest in reestablishing control. Unfortunately, contact with the settlement was lost and the following year, "it was confirmed" that the settlement had been lost, burned and raided with no survivors.

A subsequent attempt was made in 56 AD, but this group also met the same fate, but this time, a survivor was located. It seems that the orcs had been the ones to crush the settlement and take the farmers as slaves. Although the Marshal has moved troops into the fort at the site of the old Dalewoods Wayfarer's Inn, there are no declared plans of making another attempt to establish the settlement.