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As the Kingdom of Man expanded into wild lands following the fall of the Dark Ones, it fell to a rough and hardy group of warriors to enter the mountains and frozen lands to the north to establish rule of Law. Whether due to the lack of a steady supply and communication with the Kingom, or in reaction to the brutal conditions, the men of the North began worshiping the god Vanir.

Worshipers of Vanir favor a simple, but harsh life of combat and facing the forces of Nature face first. It is a bloody religion where the priests can go into blood-lusts with their battleaxes, eschewing prayers and miracles in exchange for the frenzied taking of an enemy’s life.

Chapels and shrines of Vanir resemble long halls made of logs, with earthen and simple rustic furniture inside. Altars of Vanir typically have axes and eagles adorning hearths spattered with blood.

The Commands of Vanir

Life is to be faced on one’s feet, without cowardice. Fear makes one grip one’s axe tighter. Never let fear turn your feet. Live only to fight another day. Give your enemies no quarter and take their blood. Give your friends and allies all of your duty and trust and never betray them. Rely not on trickery and deceit, but rather show your enemies the true measure of your power and faith. Vanir cares not for your wily ways, but rather the glory of your conquests and battles, whether you live or die. Houserule – Blood Frenzy of Vanir Priests of Vanir may use a battleaxe in combat as follows:

They may not cast spells for the duration of combat once they have entered their blood frenzy. Critical hits do double or max damage, plus give you one extra attack that round. Subsequent criticals that same round do not accumulate. If you fumble and/or lose your weapon, you cannot stop to pick it up, but will continue to attack with your bare hands. Recovery time after combat is doubled to two turns, no spell casting during that time.