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The Church of the Light is the recognized "religion" of the Kingdom of Man. Rising to power in the rubble of The Doom, the Light espouses the rule of Law, the good of Society and the innate belief that Man can overcome the Doom. The "Light" of civilization, of law, of good works and honest labor will, step by step, turn back the Darkness and once again bring Man to the forefront of progress.

The Church of the Light is organized in a hierarchy of Priests and Deacons. The Holy Light Priest (aka "The Holy Flame") is the highest priest in the Kingdom and serves at the side of the King. Each Lord or Marshall that holds a portion of land has a High Priest assigned to him or her. That High Priest will oversee a temple. One or more Priests assist the High Priest and the Deacons are the everyday clergy that attend to the people.

The Church does not attempt to explain how the divine works through their spells or abilities to turn undead, save that they believe the "Light" of Law/Society shines through with their belief, to cause good works.

Church Hierarchy

Holy Light Priest (aka "The Holy Flame")

The Holy Flame John (Falen)

The Flames of Light

  • Flame of Light Deneb
  • Flame of Light Tellen
  • Flame of Light Arcain

High Priests in Duchy of Irecia

  • Rondorin and Irecia - High Priestess Giselle
  • Montors - High Priest Priest How
  • Steltin - Dame Oriolt (status unclear, as of Fall 59AD, she is involved in rebellion against [[[Duke Reynald]])
  • Stouton - Priest Christopher
  • Rushton - Priestess Gailena
  • Old Fawn - Priest Godfrey (status unclear, he has been arrested for treason against Duke Reynald but has appealed to the Church for judgement)
  • Ledforde - Priestess Gabriela
  • Grey - Priest Nicholas
  • Dusk - Priest Rolf
  • Yew - Priest Mazlor (one of the Heroes of the Duchy)

The Tenents of the Light

  • Show mercy for your fellow humans, help protect them against the forces of Darkness and Chaos. Be merciless in that protection while hewing to the goodness that defines humankind.
  • Truth shall be the beacon of Light that clears the darkness from our souls and brings us back to our rightful place. Be truthful and honest in all that you do.
  • Stand forth and show no fear, lead your fellow humans to work together to overcome all that is lost.
  • Knowledge is the key to the Truth that shall shine our way to victory. Always seek knowledge both lost or unknown and share it with other humans that we may reach new heights.
  • The Holy Priests, Champions and the King are the flames of the Light that shine in the darkness. Follow them and their orders. Without their orders, Chaos will darken the world.

Campaign/Class Information

Cleric characters who are of "The Light", 1st through 3rd levels are considered Deacons and encouraged to do good works and gain experience. At 4th level, they are Priests of the Light and will actively support a specific temple/city and the High Priest associated. As early as 7th level, but definitely by 9th level, they are expected to establish a temple of their own (or inherit an existing temple) and be under the auspices of the "Flames of Light."