Elven Coastal Lands and Islands

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The lands populated and controlled by Elves are known as the Elven Coastal Lands and the Elven Islands. The majority of Elven lands are on the southern and northeastern edges of the Lands of Men. Although there is no actual wall or border separating the lands of men and elves, by and large, elves stick to their own and do not have much contact with the other races since the Doom.

As elves are organized by "ship's crews" (clans), they also populate their lands by clans. Most clans get along just fine, but each clan has their own buildings and lands. Some clans have more lands (bigger ships) than others. Other clans don't own lands ("shipless").

The central and most important city/port to the elves, Cricoer, lies on the island south of Regnum Central. It is said that this place is one of the first places settled by elves when they first came to the Lands of Men, while men were enslaved by The Dark Ones. It was from Cricoer that elves first launched attacks against the Dark Ones. The only other known "landing" place of the ancient elves was at Ramathia.

Elves have a military structure based on a concept of "fleets" of "ships" organized geographically. Each clan is responsible to train their soldiers and maintain their equipment. An elven ship can be penalized lands and monies for not maintaining agreed-upon states of readiness. In the case of a crisis, the most ranking captain (the leader of the clan with the largest holdings of land) becomes the "Admiral" for the duration of the crisis, organizing and leading the "fleet."

Elven Cities

Cricoer | Acoer | Nyrana | Nicoer