Enonia Shops and NPCs

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Shops and Locations

Acater/Provisioner – Kristian Sion

Apothecary – Shaera Moroni, Isrisu’s daughter. (Isrisu was a seer, had prescient visions of Enonia in 56/57AD)

Baker – Elena Nasha’Lesevers, Turgon’s wife

Blacksmith – Kelofus Finnsson

Bookseller – Parabellum, former adventurer (PC of Richie), inherited the shop from Asgrim.

Carpenter – Thjodolf Asgrimdar, lost legs to kobolds. Follower of Vanir. Loves to play card games.

Copyist/Scrivener – Volund Szabo, also serves as Roehm’s taxman during the taxation days.

Drover – Horse seller – Hedwig Symon

Jeweler – Siralnu Demko, very cautious, suspicious merchant who may be fence for Thieves Guild – if there is one…

Leatherworkers – Shaya Keye

Oynter/Oil Seller – Amystal Thome

Tailors - A Stitch In Time – Lena, Hera, Avara Travane – sisters, fine goods and dresses

Tailors - Sturdy Cloths – Marc, Tullyn, Jacko Natele – brothers, common clothing


Mug & Pot – Rirallo McKaine, Family owned the Mug and Pot for 4 generations. Waitresses/Cooks: Eusty, Phaedi, Naeldi


The Conjurer and the Duchess – Tyrasue Scyra, finest tavern and quality of drinks is high

The Eagle’s Alehouse – cheap and simple establishment

The Fox’s Flagon – soldier’s establishment, rough and tumble

The Militiaman and Bawd – A bar of ill repute. Ward Midan, owner, may be member of Thieves Guild.

The Roaming Cleric’s Tavern

The Sword and the Flagon

Temple of Light

Averin Saint-Leger – High Priest of the Temple, dour woman.

Enonia Keep

Armorer – Coryn Folkes

Bowyer – Fenus Gilbert

Fletcher – Kies Timm

Weaponsmith – Smolosu Rorssen, former bandit, serving 10 year sentence as weaponsmith for Roehm.

Other NPCs

Sir Chaddius Reynald

2nd Reyan Bellont - 2nd to Marshal Roehm

Major Lucinia - 3rd to Marshal Roehm

Historical NPCs

Ynivax Hevelus – Marshall Roehm’s Second, now Marshal of Yew and Upland Hold