Upland Hold

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Upland Hold is the northern-most military outpost of the King's Army, tracing its foundation to the 200sYK. It was built as part of the watches and forts to protect the Duchy of Irecia and Southron Duchy from beasts and bestials from the Sithasten Mountains. In service for almost one thousand years, the hold has fallen into ruin and rebuilt many times.

In 57AD, Marshal Constantinialost her life to an orc assault on the hold, with her soldiers fleeing to the Keeps of Irecia. During 58AD, the Black Brotherhood held Upland Hold and terrorized the neighboring countryside. When Marshal Roehm defeated the Orcs at the The Battle of Yew, they retreated to the hold, but barely survived the Winter. In Spring of 59AD, the Heroes of the Duchy infiltrated the keep and killed several leaders of the group, forcing the rest to surrender to a force of militia and mercenaries.

Marshal Ynivax has assumed command of Upland Hold and the protection of Yew and the north midlands of the Duchy of Irecia.