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“When people think of ‘bestials’, everyone thinks of the Orcs. Yet it is the forgotten goblyns who have visited more atrocities on the ‘civilized’ races than any other species. From enslaving humans, elves and littlelings, to stealing whole harvests, from lying and cheating on treaties they never intended to abide by, to aligning themselves with the most powerful foe that Chaos provided at the moment, it is the goblyn who truly fits the description of bestial.” The Forgotten Foe – A Study of the Goblyn by Genny Mignick, Mage/Researcher, 714YK

Goblyns are a small, green-skinned bestial race who have always been a foe of Humans, Elves and Littlelings. Goblyns live primarily in deep forests and the hills surrounding the various mountain ranges. Since The Doom, they have joined with the Orcs and other forces of Chaos to conquer and colonize formerly civilized lands.

Goblyns tend to organize into tribes under warlords, who style themselves as “Kings” or “Queens” in a mockery of the Monarchy of the Lands of Men. Their primary economy is related to mining to provide Orcs and other buyers with ore, although they also are known as slavers and will raid harvests and stores for essentials or goods to trade in. They seem to mine and breed at a prodigious rate, probably explaining why they have never been killed off. They tend to live off the hand-me-downs and discards of other races, evidenced by the hodge-podge collection of weapons, armor and equipment that they are found with.