Littleling Lands

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Although Littlelings are semi-nomadic, they do maintain an independent nation on the northern/eastern edge of the Lands. The littleling clans move in and out of this nation when they decide to make their way across the Lands of Men or to return. Each clan is autonomous to themselves, although littlelings respect a long list of “traditions and regulations” between all clans.

The largest and only permanent Littleling city is Cheddon, which serves as a trading city and embassy between Littlelings, Elves and Men. There are other permanent locations and places in the Littleling nation, related to schools or trading centers.

The northwest peninsula of the Duchy of Occidens is home to a semi-permanent, semi-autonomous set of Littleling clan camps. The clans rotate in and out about every three years, leading some to call this “the second littleling nation.”

The littlelings do not maintain, as far as anyone knows, a standing army. Clans nearest an area that requires some sort of military or unified response will meet for “a party” to discuss and agree upon terms to set up and maintain a combined group, then dissolving it when the situation is resolved.