Duchy of Occidens

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Duchy of Occidens


The Duchy of Occidens is large area in the southwest corner of the Lands of Men, consisting of lands associated to the legendary island city of Ramathia. The ruling family of the duchy is the Othar family. The current Duchess of Occidens is Lady Koren Othar. Her husband, Kyle Lorena, holds the honorary title of Duke, but does not have any authority.

The Duchy consists of two peninsulas – the southwest spur of the Oreterra Mountains and the northwestern stretch of the same mountains. It also has a smaller inland area which borders Regnum Central at the eastern range of the Oreterra Mountains. The inland area is a combination of a forest and swampy grasslands.

The northwest peninsula is home to a semi-permanent, semi-autonomous set of Littleling clan camps. These camps maintain an advisory council for the Duchess in the city of Mosleiys. The clans rotate in and out about every three years, leading some to call this “the second littleling nation.” The Othar family and Duchy has always been very welcoming to the littlelings.

The eastern coast beyond the Oreterra Mountains is Elven held lands. The Elves also maintain a large neighborhood and population in the city of Dawn.

The Ducal seat used to be in city of Ramathia, but following The Doom and loss of the city, the seat was moved to Dawn. The Othar family maintains their residence and presence in the duchy, actively involved in events in their lands.

Heraldry of the Duchy of Occidens

Major Cities

Ramathia | Dawn | Valley Hearth

Towns of Note

Skalfier | Mundlin | Raenagsville | Mosleiys

Military Places of Note

Westreach Watch | Vanirs Bastion | Northmont Keep | Forked Range Tower | Southmont | Eastmont Castle | Dawns Redoubt

Other Locations

The Twins | Whiterun River | Dusk Weald | Briarwind River | Golden Seas | Pashar Seas | Occidens Gulf