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Players Map of Ramathia

Ramathia is the name of an island and city off the southwestern coast of the Duchy of Occidens in the Lands of Men. It has been populated and established since any can remember, even before the downfall of the Dark Ones.

The city was established by the Elves when they arrived to the lands. The city was known as Ricoer (in ancient Elven tongue, meaning "First City" or possibly "Freedom City"). When the civilized races gained their freedom, the Elves allowed the humans to claim the city and island as theirs.

The city itself is old and vast and was once the source of great sea trade and exploration. There were many harbors around Ramathai, serving all sorts of ships as well as a large fleet of the King’s Navy. The island itself held a great and dormant volcano that held endless caves and passages underneath its flanks. The port city of Skalfier was established to serve as the mainland connection between Ramathia and the mainland Kingdom.

During The Doom, great sea creatures, strange humanoids living under the waves and the ocean itself plunged Ramathia into war and chaos. The great volcano erupted, burying a portion of the great sea city in ash and lava. Harbors and coastal villages were destroyed.

The Kingdom abandoned Ramathia in 3 AD and it has not been resettled, or even visited, since. Rumors abound that pirates have settled in Ramathia and are living like kings off the abandoned wealth and riches there.