Sithasten Mountains

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The Sithasten Mountains are a long sweeping range of mountains stretching far to the north and bordering the eastern edge of the Duchy of Irecia and Southron Duchy, and the western edges of the Duchy of Dawn and Duchy of Pisces. They are the largest mountain range in the Lands of Men, larger than the Oreterra Mountains.

It is a recent orogeny and 22,472 feet along its central range. The Sithastens are called the spine of Etinerra, for its towering heights are remarkably unbroken along its ridgeline. This features many unexplored valleys home to orcs and worse, being also the site of frequent earthquakes.

It is said that in the Days of the Doom, orcs and goblins swept from the mountains to overtake the lands – and worse creatures as well. Legends tell that the mountains are home to a host of fearsome creatures such as ogres, giants and dragons.