Duchy of Irecia

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Duchy of Irecia


The Duchy of Irecia consists of the lands associated with the fabled city of Irecia. The Duchy long served as one of the breadbaskets of the Kingdom. The rulers of the Duchy are the Reynald family. The current Duke is Archanis Reynald.

The Duchy stretches from the Sithasten Mountains in the east to the down river stretch of the Northruns River to the west, from the Northruns River in the south to the Northreach Mountains in the north. It is a forty three day horse ride across the breadth of the Duchy, and only twenty-some days from the Northruns River in the south to the Northreach Mountains to the north.

Tribal Men Ranges are found in the Northreach Mountains. Beyond the Northreach Mountains lie Elven Coastal Lands and Islands. To the northeast, beyond the Sithastens, are Littleling Lands. Directly East beyond the Sithastens is the Duchy of Dawn.

The Ducal seat used to be located in Irecia, but when that city fell after The Doom, Duke Hector Reynald relocated to the Central Kingdom. After his death, Archanis remained in the Central Kingdom, although he still visits and maintains court at the Duke’s residence in the city of Rondorin. The Reynalds maintain their rule over the Duchy through the activity of the Marshalls still left.


Heraldry of the Duchy of Irecia

Major Cities

Irecia | Montor North | Rondorin

Towns of Note

Enonia | Old Fawn | Yew | Rushton | Stouton | Riverton | Dusk | Ledforde | Grey | Northbridge | Kreneks Falls | Kings Hills

Military Places of Note

Enonia Keep | Reynalds Watch | Moon Watch | Northreach Watch | Upland Hold | Notchland Keep | Sithasten Watch | River Fasthold

Villages of Note

Ulichton | Calimbra | Draycott | Steltin | Yew | Tashas Leap | Advaris Well | Briarton

Other Locations

Dark Woods | Dalewoods | Fell Forest | Willowdeep Woods | Montor South