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Tangadorin is unknown pagan god. There are no known active temples to Tangadorin. The priestess Jorann has established a cult headquarters in Enonia and is the only known cleric active in service to this god.

The Word of Tangadorin

  • All must live within the light of the Divine Tangadorin. Those who live within darkness or shadows must be brought to the light, or destroyed without mercy.
  • All who live in the darkness of unlife shall be destroyed, for they cannot be brought back to Tangadorin's Light.
  • All must be told of the benefice of Tangadorin. His light must shine in the hearths and hearts of all.
  • All who bring the Word of the Light of Tangadorin must walk truthfully in his Light always, for Tangadorin knows all and sees all.
  • All who bend arcane power can find solace and protection in Tangadorin's Light, for he welcomes the generous donation of the fruits of their mystic labors.

The founding of the worship of Tangadorin

Nelfig was a fabulously rich merchant who, the year 905 YK, was inspired by a vision from the god Tangadorin. This was an unknown god, as far as he could tell, so he would be the first priest. He was so inspired that over the course of the next 10 years, he had a tower constructed to the glory of Tangadorin in the plains. He scoffed at those who called such a structure "folly" and said they were short sighted, that Tangorin would protect the tower and all it's glass from the weather and depredations of beasts/bestials. It nearly bankrupted him, but he overcame all obstacles and eventually it was built. He also had the Word of Tangadorin written, as well as the construction of the holy Scepter of Obedience and Light, which Nelfig himself would always carry to enforce the will of Tangadorin on those who might beset the followers or protect himself should he be attacked. He gathered most of his flock around him (some were to stay behind and continue to witness for the all-seeing eyes-of-light Tangadorin) and would proceed in a holy pilgrimage from Irecia to the Tower to set up the temple, in 915 YK. Legend holds that Nelfig never was seen again.

It is rumored that his apprentice was one of the founding visionaries of the Church of the Light, after Nelfig was lost.

Paladins of Tangadorin

Paladins (champions) of Tangadorin have the following abilities, which replace the abilities of the "core rules" paladin.

  • Improved saving throws (same as "core rules")
  • Can Cure Disease or Cure Blindness once per week.
  • Can Detect Magic at 60', provided he concentrates on doing so.
  • Has a constant "Protection from Chaos" circle of 10'
  • Can "lay on hands" and cure 2hp/level of wounds, once per day.
  • At third level, can perform a Comprehend Languages, Detect Illusion, Detect Invisibility, Detect secret doors/passages/pits/traps (roll 1-2 on d6), each ability can be used once a day. All four can be used in a single day.
  • Tangadorin will grant a warhorse at 4th level that is (either Pegasus or an Air Elemental)
  • Bonus attacks and clerical spellcasting abilities (same as "core rules")