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Irecia is a lost city located in east/center of the Duchy of Irecia. Once called the "Diamond City" of the Lands of Men, nobody dares to travel to Irecia. The Damned are said to now populate its walls and buildings and it is surrounded by the Bestial and Chaotic forces. It has high walls ringing its borders. Four keeps lie at the compass points, serving as gates into Irecia.

Founded almost 1,200 years ago (44 YK) by King Elthest and his wife, Carmella The Brave (“The Queen of Irecia”), Irecia was to be the bulwark of the Kingdom’s expansion eastward towards the Sithasten Mountains and the wild lands beyond. It took almost 200 years for it to fully expand into the gleaming white city of legend. At the height of it’s power at 1168 YK, the year of The Doom, it was the center of learning, magical research and religious study within the Kingdom. It’s white towers and rooftops were said to cast a beacon of light from the dawn of the sun into the Kingdom and keep away the darkness of Chaos. It attracted visitors, scholars, sages, merchants and tourists alike.

Little is know of Irecia today, although a few hardy adventurers in the Winter of 56AD traveled to Irecia and spotted signs of smoke and apparently Damned laying about. The rumors of the Damned infesting the city are apparently true. In 57AD, another band of adventurers freed human troops who had taken refuge in one of the Gate Keeps of Irecia and reported a vast number of Orcs surrounding it. It is assumed that the Orcs are trying to occupy the city for unknown reasons.