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==58 AD==
==58 AD==
* Heroes assisted with the liberation of the town of Yew from the Orcs

==57 AD==
==57 AD==

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59 AD


  • A group of adventurers, working for Lieutenant Cynthia, locates a raiding war party of goblyns, led by a warchief named Loogie.
  • The Heroes assist a village that is being used by Orcs from across the Whiterun River as an ambuscade. They free the families held as hostages.
  • The Heroes rescue a man blinded by a nymph, with the help of the man's betrothed.
  • The Heroes free a hippogriff from a band of bandits and a green wyrm.
  • The Heroes are hunted and finally confront the hunters. Boraen is cursed with lycanthropy.
  • A group of adventurers investigates the Abandoned Dwarf Mines near Enonia and finds evidence of goblyns nearby, as well as encountering another adventuring group, the Enonia Eagles.
  • The Heroes encounter a group of Southron Irregulars and kill/capture/torture several of them. Unknown to them, a relative one of those killed swears a dark oath to a Dark God to hunt them down.


  • The Heroes set off on a journey to the Southron Duchy to find a legendary sword that might have power against the Dark Ones.
  • The Heroes rescue residents of the village Pella's Wish from a Druid's Grove.
  • The Heroes prevent assassination of Duke Reynald in Enonia. Plot was hatched by Dame Oriolt, Marshall Kevlin and the Lightbringers, along with High Priest Godfrey of Old Fawn. Godfrey is arrested. Dame Oriolt and the Lightbringers flee to Steltin. The lands under Kevlin fall into rebellion as they revoke their allegiance to the Duke.
  • The Heroes liberate Upland Hold from the Dark Brotherhood by killing the sorceress and capturing the leader, as well as freeing Marshall Roehm's daughter, Anastasia.

58 AD

  • Heroes assisted with the liberation of the town of Yew from the Orcs

57 AD

  • Marshal Victor Roehm and Sir Reynald lead two companies of soldiers to the Orc fort. A group of heroes sneaks inside, using a previously discovered secret tunnel, blows open the west gate of the fort from the inside and disrupts the plans of the Orc Chieftain. The Humans are victorious in driving off the Orcs and securing the fort for their use.
  • Sir Reynald takes a force of men to the Monastery of St. Eggyx to clear it, but is unsuccessful.
  • A band of heroes finds a way into the Orc fort, via a tunnel populated by an old, mad Ko-bald. This allows them to sneak into the fort.
  • Turgon, a baker from Enonia, has visions of a strange, beautiful goddess named Mesha. He creates a pagan cult centered around worshiping her, located to the north of Enonia near the Dark Woods.
  • Men fleeing from Upland Hold and Notchland Keep take refuge in the Northern Gate of Irecia and are besieged by the Orcs there. Sir Ynivax of Enonia Keep leaves with men to try and free the trapped soldiers.
  • Sir Reynald sets up camp in the old Elvish fort near the Dwarven Mines and uses it as a headquarters for his mercenary army.
  • Orcs and Goblyns take over the abandoned ruins of the Wayfarer's Inn to the east of Enonia and being creating a fort.

56 AD

55 AD