Duchy of Elthest

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Duchy of Elthest


The Duchy of Elthest is set on the lands that were the first human "nation" after the rebellion and defeat of The Dark Ones, founded by Kelvar Elthest. Some of the oldest structures and ruins are here, several famous, such as Ruins of Woe and several old towers and castles dot the land. Elthest has been birthplace of most of the Kings of the Lands, and has been by far the most prosperous and developed of duchies. It has been held by the Elthest family since the rebellion, almost 1200 years ago. The current ruler is Duke Roberts Elthest.

The Duchy's lands range from the seas and Seawall Mountains to the north, becoming fertile lands that border Regnum Central to the south. Its east and west borders are the Northrun River and Gire River respectively. The lands themselves are either lush thick forests or fertile grasslands and farmlands.

The Ducal seat is located in the Elthest Castle, although the Duke maintains residence and court in Grayrock. The Duke has stayed in his duchy since The Doom, mainly out of anger and distaste for the current King Felix V. It is said that the Duke's father, Nerev Elthest, had been ready to take the Royal Crown once King Yuligan II died, but Felix and his forces arrived in Regium very quickly and cemented power before Elthest was able to react. Those same rumors say the Duke patiently waits for the aging Felix to die.

There are still scars of the Dark One's rule over the lands, even 1,200 years later. The destroyed city known as the Ruins of Woe served as the human slave pens and breeding grounds. The two remembered mines, Perina Deeps and The Pit, still beckon the foolhardy adventurer with their twisting tunnels and dark holes. Several of the oldest military outposts and castles lie in ruins, with encampments nearby.

Heraldry of the Duchy of Elthest

Major Cities

Grayrock | Lakeview | Gharoth

Towns of Note

Tannia | Forestal | Saydaneen | Moon

Military Places of Note

Buckmoth Watch | Chedinal Tower | Yallowforth Keep | Ceviv Watch | Kasharns Eye | Deltas Hold | Elthest Castle | Caverals Watch | Fort Chavkt | Castle Barataria

Villages of Note

Gireford | Elk Run

Other Locations

Ruins of Woe | Seawall Mountains | Holy Flame Shrine | Perina Deeps | Ceviv Lakes | Shrine of the Gods | The Pits | Lake Gire | Gire River