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Dwarfs were once the vassals of the Dark Ones in ages past. Freed by Man and Elves, Dwarfs retreated out of sight of the other races, content to live their lives in peace and away from civilization.

Legends say that Dwarfs became one with the lands and weather that they lived in, becoming almost barbaric and nomadic in their Northern retreats, and known for periodic outbreaks of attacks and looting upon the civilized worlds. Those same stories spoke of mobile tent cities with wondrous things beyond mortal comprehension and of wealth in trading with these Dwarfs.

The last known Dwarven clan was seen 140 years prior to The Doom. Since then, little has been seen or heard from the Dwarfs. It is wondered aloud if they have disappeared in the cataclysm that has shaken the lands.

Dwarven locations are highly sought after, both for their historical significance and knowledge that might be gained from research. Not much remains from the time of the Dwarfs during the Dark Ones' reign, but some have been found, such as an ancient Dwarf mine located southeast of Enonia, at the edge of the Dalewoods.