The Eastern Borders Campaign

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The Eastern Borders campaign is a tabletop campaign in my homebrew Etinerra world, running since 2009. It is centered around the town of Enonia, located in the Duchy of Irecia. Adventure and opportunity awaits, beyond the forests to the East, but so do many dangers.

Original Players' Map

Quick Links for players: Houserules | Game Signup Sheet

Location Links: Duchy of Irecia | Enonia | Enonia Shops and NPCs

Other Links: What are the Chronicles of Etinerra | Adventurer's Stories]

(As of 1/28/2022) Due to the pandemic, we are hiatus. We are continuing play in my world via the online Play-by-Post group (The Southern Seas Campaign) and the biweekly online Discord/Roll20 group (Western Borders).

We meet about every four to six weeks, on average. The campaign is structured so that you don't have to play every game, you can come and play when your schedule permits. You can sign up for a game through the Game Signup Sheet. If you'd like to play, contact the DM: Michael/Chgowiz

The Dark Ages is not just about tabletop RPGs, though - I also host wargames and have an ongoing solo wargaming campaign in this world as well!