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'''NPC Links:''' [[Skalfier Shops and NPCs]]   
'''NPC Links:''' [[Skalfier Shops and NPCs]]   

'''Other Links:''' [[Player Maps of the Southern Seas]] | [https://the-dark-ages.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/background-for-the-dark-ages What is The Dark Ages] |
'''Other Links:''' [[Player Maps of the Southern Seas]] | [https://adventurelogs.etinerra.com/2009/01/01/what-are-the-chronicles-of-etinerra/ What are the Chronicles of Etinerra] |

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The Southern Seas campaign is an online Play-By-Post campaign in the Dark Ages world, running since 2009. It is centered around the town of Skalfier, located in the Duchy of Occidens. An area of mystery, adventure and danger, overlooking the seas that lead to the fabled city of Ramathia!

Quick Links for Players: Houserules

Location Links: Skalfier | Appleton | Ramathia | Duchy of Occidens |

NPC Links: Skalfier Shops and NPCs

Other Links: Player Maps of the Southern Seas | What are the Chronicles of Etinerra |

The Southern Seas campaign started off as a media-rich Play-by-Post game hosted on the old Google Wave product. After a hiatus and Google Wave shutting down, the play moved to Rizzoma and Roll20. Rizzoma became too unreliable, so we moved to Discord and have been there for a few years.

If you'd like to read the action so far, go to the play archive found here and follow along! If you'd like to play, contact the DM: Michael S/Chgowiz