The Damned

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The Damned is the name given to those infected by the plague during the Doom of Man. The Damned can infect others by biting them. The Damned will attack any uninfected person who touches them or somehow “wakes” them. clerics can pray for the miracle of curing disease and this might free the victim of the disease, but it is not always a guaranteed result. The disease leaves a permanent scar on a person’s well-being and vitality.

The Damned are not like zombies or other unnatural undead, but they do seem to have the ability to not age while in a dormant state. Some say the Damned will never die, but will forever wait for the flesh of the undamned to feast upon. It does not appear that the Damned retain any intelligence, only a mindless need to attack uninfected, drink their blood and feast on their flesh.