Bestial Lands

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Prior to The Doom, the Bestial races of Orcs, Goblyns, and Ko-balds kept mainly to the mountains and deepest of forest reaches. They would occasionally raid a nearby town or village. At times, rarely, trade would occur with the Orcs.

After the Doom fell, this all changed and the Bestial races rose to arms and attacked. They have established footholds in some parts of the lands, and are contesting for others. Currently, their centers of power are in the Oreterra Mountains to the west and the Sithasten Mountains to the east. They have overrun the Duchy of Dawn and hold almost half of the Duchy of Irecia, while making inroads into the Duchy of Corridin and Duchy of Pisces.

The bestials form military encampments and colonies in areas they’ve conquered. In their natural homelands, they hold dwellings dependent on their racial types. There are no known Bestial cities or permanent military places.